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We provide high-quality dental care and cosmetic, restorative, and emergency dentistry to patients in Santa Rosa, California.

Santa Rosa Dentists - Welcome to Vineyard Dental Group

Here in Vineyard Dental Group, We provide high-quality dental care and cosmetic, restorative, and emergency dentistry to patients in Santa Rosa, California. Although we are primarily known for our cosmetic dentistry procedures we provide a wide variety of dental services such as dental implants, teeth whitening, CEREC same-day restorations, gum disease treatment, ClearCorrect® invisible braces, root canal treatment, TMJ and headache management, and full mouth reconstruction. If you are searching for any of these in Santa Rosa, or the surrounding areas of Rohnert Park or Cotati, there is no better choice than Vineyard Dental Group. One of our skilled doctors will carefully analyze your situation to find the procedure that best fits your needs. We are excited about the opportunity to serve you, so call our office today for a consultation.

What makes us Different?

We are unique in our high level of careful attention and commitment to your dental needs and comfort. Our experience and technology are key factors in the high quality care that we offer.

Vineyard Dental Group
The VIP Discount Plan

By signing up for our VIP Discount Plan, you will receive immediate discounts on all your dental visits, with savings up to 25% for a full year. All services done in office are available at the discounted rate, including cosmetic work.

Annual membership for an individual is $150.00 and additional family members on your account can be added to the plan for $100.00 each.

The VIP Discount Plan

  • No Waiting Periods
  • No Deductible
  • No Annual Maximum
  • Discounted Dental Fees
  • No Claim Forms
  • No Pre-Authorization
Up to
25 %Discount for a full year

How The VIP Discount Plan Works?

When you sign up for the VIP Discount Plan, you will receive a year of discounted services. This plan is offered for patients not covered by traditional insurance plans. In an effort to save time and money researching out of pocket or privately purchased insurance plans that often result in far less coverage than anticipated, we are offering this exclusive discount plan to our patients. All patients qualify for the VIP Discount Plan, no special clauses, no age limitations, and no frequency limits!

In an effort to encourage our patients to visit the office on a regular basis, this plan was designed to save you money with as little as two routine visits a year. The VIP Discount Plan is not a dental insurance plan, but provides discounted fees for services offered in our office.

By signing up for our VIP Discount Plan, and referring a friend to Vineyard Dental Group for an initial exam, you are eligible for a sensational bleaching treatment, our in office whitening system, as a thank you!

This plan is non-refundable and cannot be transferred.

Your VIP Discount Plan Savings

Standard Fee VIP Discount Plan
Initial Exam $140.00 $104.00
Full X-Ray Set $195.00 $146.25
TOTAL COST $335.00 $250.25
Total Savings: $84.75 (25% Savings)
Standard Fee VIP Discount Plan Your Saving
Periodic Exam $69.00 $51.75 25% saved
Adult Cleaning $138.00 $103.50 25% saved
4 Bitewing X-ray $103.00 $77.25 25% saved
1st Periapical x-ray $52.00 $39.00 25% saved
Additional x-ray $33.00 $24.75 25% saved
TOTAL COST $395.00 $296.25
Total Savings: $98.75

Other Common Dental Procedures

Standard Fee Our Fee Your Saving
White Filling
(1 surface Composite)
$260.00 $216.00 $44.00
(In House Porcelain/Emax/Bruxzir)
$1,525.00 $1,288.00 $237.00
Perio scaling
& Root Planing (4+/Quad)
$308.00 $270.00 $101.00

Optional Dental Procedures

Standard Fee Our Fee Your Saving
(Unlimited Case)
$4,000.00 $3,500.00 $500.00
Fluoride $50.00 $37.00 $13.00

Santa Rosa CEREC® Restorations

Santa Rosa CERC RestorationsCEREC® is one of the extraordinary advancements in dental technology offered by Vineyard Dental Group. The system allows us to create custom-fit ceramic restorations in a single appointment, as opposed to sending molds to outside dental labs as was previously necessary. For high-quality, fast, single-appointment restorations using the CEREC® system, there is no better place in the Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Cotati and the rest of Sonoma County than Vineyard Dental Group.

Restorative procedures are the most important part of a dentist’s skill set because, as well as maintaining a visually aesthetic appearance, a restorative procedure’s main focus is on improving the function of different structures in the mouth. Experience and skill in this area of dentistry is crucial because patients often come to us during an emergency in which their teeth have been severely damaged. As your Santa Rosa dentist, Dr. Saeidi’s goal for his patients is to help them regain the ability to chew and speak with no pain and return their self-confidence with the beauty of their smiles. While consulting with each patient about their particular case, Dr. Saeidi will calmly use his skills and knowledge to find the most appropriate procedures to return him or her to excellent oral health.

During your procedure, Dr. Saeidi will first examine your teeth and determine the proper treatment. CEREC® can create several restorations for both functionality and cosmetic purposes. These include crowns, onlays, veneers, and fillings. Next, any damage or decay will be removed and a special powder will be used to coat the tooth. A camera that detects the powder takes an optical impression, and a computer converts this data into a three-dimensional virtual image, allowing Dr. Saeidi to design the restoration. The CEREC® machine then shapes the piece of ceramic right in our office. It is finished in minutes and can immediately be bonded into place on your teeth. CEREC® has done an unparalleled job of streamlining the process of creating this sort of restoration. Contact Us today for more information on CEREC® in Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Cotati and the rest of Sonoma County.

A Complete Consultation and Exam on your first visit

A patient’s first visit to Vineyard Dental Group will typically consist of a consultation to explain the diagnosis and discuss treatment options. In many cases, treatment will be provided immediately following the consultation, however those patients with complex medical histories or treatment plans may require a second appointment at which treatment will be provided.
Before any procedure requiring anesthetic, it is important to alert staff members if you have a medical condition that may be of concern. These may include hearts disease, high blood pressure, artificial heart valves and joints, diabetes, rheumatic fever, etc. Also please let us know if you are on any medication that may affect the procedure (i.e. heart medications, aspirin, blood thinners, etc.) or if you require medication before dental cleanings (i.e. antibiotics premedication).
At your first appointment, you will be asked to provide as much of your medical history as possible. This may include things such as a referral slip from another doctor and any dental X-rays in your possession, a current list of medications you are taking, and completed medical or dental insurance forms (if applicable). This helps us avoid unnecessary delay when processing dental insurance claims.Please note that a parent or guardian must accompany patients under 18 during the consultation visit.
Vineyard Dental Group also offers free second opinion consultations on simple procedures.