Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you unhappy with your smile? Take a look at our cosmetic procedures that will improve the appearance of your teeth quickly and effectively.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin facings of tooth-colored porcelain that slip over a tooth to improve its appearance. At Vineyard Dental Group we use these veneers as one of the most effective ways to cover imperfections such as chips, permanent stains and even crooked teeth. As your Santa Rosa dentist, Dr. Saeidi will begin by removing a layer of tooth enamel so that the veneer can be more easily bonded to the tooth. Once this is completed Dr. Saeidi will take impressions of your teeth and send them to a dental laboratory where the veneers are produced. At your next appointment the newly created veneers will be bonded into place. Dr. Saeidi uses a high quality tooth colored porcelain that is valued for both its beauty and durability. If you are searching for a practice that specializes in porcelain veneers in Santa Rosa, CA, or the surrounding areas of Rohnert Park, Cotati and the rest of Sonoma County. and , choose Dr. Saeidi for the best in cosmetic dentistry. Contact our office today.

Instant Orthodontics

Instant orthodontics is one of the newest advancements in dental technology available at Vineyard Dental Group, and it makes getting straight teeth a fast and easy experience. Traditional orthodontic braces have many drawbacks such as abrasions caused by metal in the mouth, the painful tightening of the braces, the length of treatment, and the visibility of the braces themselves. Today all these concerns are addressed by the option of instant orthodontics.

Your Santa Rosa dentist, Dr. Saeidi, can use a complete set of porcelain veneers to give you a complete smile makeover. The procedure is quick, painless, and can be done entirely at our Santa Rosa, CA office. On your initial visit you will have some enamel removed and impressions will be taken of your teeth. Then, when the veneers have been created, each one is bonded to its corresponding tooth. Using the veneers in this way, Dr. Saeidi can reshape the profile of your teeth, making them more symmetrical, closing gaps, and covering imperfections. It is one of the easiest, most effective cosmetic procedures available. To have that perfect smile you’ve always wanted, contact our office for the highest quality instant orthodontics in Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Cotati and the rest of Sonoma County.

Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic bonding can be used to restore function when teeth are broken or chipped, but it is also extensively used at Vineyard Dental Group for patients who want a simple way to improve their smile. Cosmetic bonding uses a composite resin material that, unlike crowns, veneers, or bridges, can be applied during a single appointment. The first step when applying cosmetic bonding is to score the teeth to be treated. This helps the material bond to your natural tooth. Then your Santa Rosa dentist, Dr. Saeidi, will coat the surface of your tooth with the resin and apply a special light in order to set it into its permanent position. Once this is completed the procedure is finished and your newly created smile should give you a look that perfectly blends with your natural teeth. They key to these results is taking the time to match the natural tooth color, something that Dr. Saeidi always takes great care while performing. For more information on improving your smile with cosmetic bonding in Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Cotati and the rest of Sonoma County., and , CA, contact Vineyard Dental Group.

Tooth Colored Fillings

If you are looking for a simple and effective way to improve your smile, consider the option of replacing your old, amalgam (silver-mercury) fillings with new, composite resin, tooth-colored fillings. Not only are amalgam fillings dark in color, these old fillings have raised health concerns based on the mercury they contain. Santa Rosa, CA dentist, Dr. Saeidi, uses only the newest materials that are aesthetically superior and that have been proven to be safe and strong for his patients. He can have your old fillings removed and replaced with new tooth colored ones in only one single, short appointment. There is no reason not to enjoy a new, aesthetically restored smile, so visit our office or contact us for a consultation on tooth-colored fillings in Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Cotati and the rest of Sonoma County.

Teeth Whitening

The most noticeable feature and indicator of youth and oral health is without a doubt the color of your teeth. While you may be brushing, flossing, using mouthwash, and even whitening strips, you may still be experiencing embarrassment due to stains from prolonged coffee or tobacco use, illness, or the natural aging process. If this is your situation, then visit Dr. Saeidi, the dentist who can offer the easiest and most convenient teeth whitening in Santa Rosa, CA.

  • Opalescence®
    One option for at home teeth whitening is Opalescence®, the state-of-the-art product used by several Santa Rosa dentists to whiten your teeth, and the process has never been easier. One major advantage, and the reason why many patients choose this option, is that the procedure can be performed at home at your own convenience. Trays made with thin, comfortable plastic are created, and they fit tightly and perfectly against your teeth. You simply load these trays with Opalescence® gel and wear them at home for about an hour a day. As the gel dissolves it breaks down into oxygen and penetrates into the enamel to make your teeth whiter. Results can be seen in as little as one application, but teeth will get whiter and whiter as the treatments continue. To have your personal trays made and start improving your smile immediately, contact Vineyard Dental Group to find a dentist who offers Opalescence® whitening in Santa Rosa, CA, or the surrounding areas of Rohnert Park, Cotati and the rest of Sonoma County.
  • Generic Home Whitening
    Dr. Saeidi can create a custom-fitted set of bleaching trays for you, to wear nightly. Schedule an appointment with our office and Dr. Saeidi will make impressions of your teeth. Then within a week the trays will be ready. The trays are specially molded so that the bleaching solution contacts your teeth while gums and other sensitive surfaces remain protected. The bleaching solution penetrates into the tooth enamel, lightening its color. Noticeably whiter teeth can be seen after a single treatment, and you’ll see even better results as you continue to wear the trays each night. For effective at-home teeth whitening in Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Cotati and the rest of Sonoma County., and , contact Dr. Saeidi’s dental practice.